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Does this sound like you?

“I can sing, but I feel like I keep hitting a ceiling. I keep running out of breath, and I don’t know how to switch from my mixed voice to chest and vice versa. And then after all this my voice feels tense and tired. I’ve had other vocal coaches, and they seemed nice, but I don’t feel like I’m progressing.“

Yep, sounds like you’re at your wits end. You know you’re doing all the right things, but you’re still filled with anxiety when asked to sing, simply because you don’t know what sound is going to come out!

The truth is, you should feel in control of your singing, vocal problems like singing through breaks and switching problems become simple problems to solve with the right vocal coach and technique.

The truth also is, there are no shortcuts to becoming a great singer. Contrary to popular belief, a bunch of ‘quick tips’ will not build lasting vocal technique. You need to do the work of building your voice by eliminating bad habits and introducing good habits. Your good vocal technique will be able to overcome allergies, colds, sore throats, acid reflux, fatigue, poor sound equipment and environmental restraints. This way you have a thorough lifelong knowledge of vocal technique and be a more versatile and reliable singer. Which means, for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing, more money to be made as a professional vocalist.

My ideal client fits these criteria 

  • Actively sings on a daily or weekly basis, either in church, school, karaoke night, clubs or large stadiums.

  • Can identify problem areas in their voice that needs improvement

  • Has a deep passion for singing the right way, and is willing to INVEST in their singing. You understand that you only get one voice and if you can’t go out and buy a new one if it breaks down. You love the craft of singing enough to want to sing for the rest of your life.

  • Is not looking for a quick fix. Sure some vocal problems have quick fixes, but learning to sing well is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Is this you?  If so, sign up today to start your journey to great singing!

 Lessons are conducted at my studio in Douglasville, GA and via Skype or FaceTime.


Once you buy a package you ideally will want to schedule the same day and time weekly. If however your schedule will not allow that and you need different days weekly, or even several lessons per week feel free to schedule in any available slot accordingly. You will be able to redeem your lessons based on how many you received. So…

4 lessons

4 weeks to redeem

8 lessons

8 weeks to redeem

12 lessons

12 weeks to redeem

Regular attendance is crucial to your success. However if you can't make it you must log in and reschedule your lesson within 24 hours of your lesson time or else you forfeit that lesson. If I miss any lessons of course you will be credited and it will be made up.

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Dileesa is not just a great singer. She knows how to pick apart a voice and tell a person why they sound the way they do and what they need to change in order to improve. I've been to some of the top voice teachers in the world and she's truly unique. As a singer, she understands style and nuance and as a vocal coach she understands technique. I've never met a vocal coach that can sing the way she does and I've never met a singer that can teach the way she does. It's always insightful picking her brain.

- Leanne 'Lelee' Lyons - SWV Group member

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