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Hi, I’m Dileesa Archer, but you can call me Dileesa.

I teach singers of all levels and genres how to be the best singer they can possibly be. I’m a singer at heart, and I love pulling the best voice out of a singer. Simply put, if you want to be a professional singer who can sing anything, anytime, anywhere, I can give you the skills to do just that.


How can I be so sure?

There are 3 things that set me apart from other vocal coaches on the internet.


I have been singing professionally since the age of 4, teaching choirs for 15 years and a vocal teacher for 10 years. I have taught choirs, praise teams, small groups, children as young as 5 and adults as young as 60+years old. I have taught amateur singers who have pitch problems to professionals with stellar music careers.  I have a fool- proof teaching method that ensures the best outcome for each client. I have learned how to solve even chronic vocal technique and health problems very simply with my teaching method.


I truly believe in getting the best performance out of every voice so I started learning by studying my own voice. I wanted to see how my voice would function with advanced-level training so I studied Vocal Performance in College. I was studying Classical voice, jazz voice, musical theater and gospel singing simultaneously. I fell in love with the mechanics of the human voice and how we can develop and manipulate our sound with proper and deliberate vocal technique. When I saw how much my own voice grew, and became versatile through training I became passionate about teaching others to do the same.


Communication is everything in a great student- teacher relationship. I love talking to you and hearing from you! As my client you will have access to me. You can shoot me a text to ask for quick advice before a recording, or to see if we can do a quick 30- minute warm up before your big performance. Your success is important to me, so I’ll do my best to make myself available for my clients.

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I took vocal lessons from several vocal coaches, all trained but it was not until working with Dileesa that I was able to get over my fears and the many issues I was facing vocally.

— gina brillon

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Here’s my story!

Singing has always been my passion. Not just singing, but the instrument, the human voice, has always intrigued me. I’ve been singing since age 2, and on singing on stage since age 4. By age 6 I was traveling with my grandfather’s gospel band as a featured soloist.  As a little girl I would try to figure out how to sing harmony by myself. I’m still salty that Lalah Hathaway figured it out before me! By age 12 I found myself analyzing voices. I would hear people, celebrities, singing and would thing, “Gosh, he/ she would sound so much better if only they did this or that differently. I sang all throughout high school in small ensembles, mixed and women’s chorus, barbershop quartet and gospel church choirs. I studied voice in college because I figured I had a gift and wondered what would happen if I stretched it to perform at its best. I also thought this was easier than any other major and I wanted the easiest path to my Bachelors. My first year was admittedly a disaster. Why? I was a gospel singer who pushed my chest voice up too high and had ruined my mix and head voice. I couldn’t sing above an E5, I never had enough air to sing my phrases, and my voice was constantly hoarse and raspy. Also, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to sing classical voice. I admit, I had my doubts about the techniques I was being taught. I didn’t see how humming exercises, lip trills and other mundane vocalises would translate into me singing Mozart, Schubert, or even being Kirk Franklin’s background singer one day.

 And then one day, at the end of semester 2, I noticed a change. There was an ease and comfort in singing. My vibrato was freer and brighter. I could sing an E6, which means I had added a full octave to my range.  And I had so much more control over my breath and phrasing.

 My second year as a voice student I had a new voice. So much so, that I was awarded two full music scholarships simultaneously (one for jazz vocalist, one for musical theater vocalist) and a paid leading role at a local opera company. I was 19 years old and still singing with a local gospel choir and doing studio work and live background singing. The vocal techniques I learned to be a versatile, well- rounded singer are the techniques I bring to all of my students.

 I’ve had clients as near as local as Atlanta and Miami and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. I’ve also traveled a bit, sharing my ‘Gospel according to Dileesa”, just doing my part to make the world a better sounding place. I’ve been to Dubai, London, Portugal and several cities in the US, doing workshops and meeting my fantastic clients and YouTube followers.

 I’d love to help you find your voice and fall in love with the voice you have. I look forward to working with you and being your partner on your journey to your best voice.

Some fun facts:

  •  I like talking to myself, I believe that’s why I’m such a natural at YouTube videos.

  •  I can sing in at least 7 languages

  •  I created my first teaching product when I got tired of students saying they wanted to practice but couldn’t remember the exercises we did during their lesson.

  •  I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship. At 10 years old, I would stand in front of my house with a sign that said “Car Wash $5”. No hose, no bucket, no soap… just me and my sign.

  •  If I had to name my method, I’d call it “bel canto with a twist”.. since it’s a fusion of all the good in speech-level singing and classical bel canto technique.

  •  I have vocal empathy. I can feel what a person is doing to produce their sound. That’s how I’m able to analyze, critique and correct a person’s vocal technique.

  •  My favorite singers are Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan and Tina Campbell

  •  I’m a lyric soprano with a 4 octave range, and I work out my whole voice in practice, but I like to stay in my mid-range in public… its safe in the middle… lol


Learn how you can work with Dileesa.

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